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kingly wisdom

September 16, 2009

laughingw/grandpaI called my grandpa yesterday to see how the old man was getting on.  He tends to be a troublemaker so I check up on him from time to time.  (Plus, I adore the ground he walks on but don’t tell him that – I don’t want his head to swell!)  He told me he was “behavin’, darn it!” 

“That’s great, Grandpa!” I said, “But do you really expect me to believe such lies?”

“I’m too busy to get in any trouble,” he insisted.  He told me about the end of his golf season, his get-togethers with friends, volunteering at Hospice, keeping his lawn mowed, etc.

“I had to go into town the other day to pay taxes on my new lot.” Grandpa announced.  He has two lots that his house was built on, and he bought the empty lot on one side several years ago.  Recently, Grandpa purchased the empty lot on the other side. 

“Your kingdom is expanding rapidly!” I said.

“Yea, but that’s as far as it’s going to go.  I’m not interested in owning the whole world.”

“Really?  Why is that, Grandpa?”

“Well you see, you have to pay taxes on that sort of stuff, and that’d be a lot of taxes!  So that’s as far as my kingdom is going to go!”

My grandpa is so practical and wise!  Talking to him always lifts my spirits, even if they didn’t need lifting!

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