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for love of rose: a carepage post

October 16, 2009

I posted this on Rosario’s carepage earlier today and thought I’d share it on here as well:

We have an exciting weekend coming up: Mom is running her first half marathon on Sunday!! She is running it in honor of Rosario.

Mom and Rosario used to run the 5k River Bank Run every year. In recent years, Mom decided to tackle first the 10k River Bank Run and then the 25k. This year, she joined a running club to help with her training.

A few weeks after Rose was released from the hospital, she and Mom were talking on the phone updating each other about this and that. Mom was telling Rosario about her training. Mom was going to run a 10k in late September, but had just found out there was a scheduling conflict and she wouldn’t be able to run. She had the option of running the half marathon, but wasn’t sure if she could do it. Rosario mentioned how much she missed running. It will be quite a while before Rose can run again. Well, Mom made up her mind to run the half marathon for Rose. “If Rosario can take a bullet in the chest, I can run a half marathon” Mom told me.

Rosario has become a source of inspiration for Mom and for all of us. Please keep us in your prayers on Sunday morning, especially Rosario and Mom. (It is supposed to be really cold and we are praying it doesn’t rain. If it rains, Rose won’t be able to be at the finish line!)

I’ll post the events of the race early next week along with photos. :)

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