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oh happy day

November 18, 2009

Thirty years ago on July 27, I was born into the family of Schwartz, adding my name to a multitude of ancestors.  Several months later, on November 18, my parents and godparents presented me to the Church for the sacrament of Baptism, and thus I was freed from original sin, reborn as a daughter of God, and my name was added to the communion of saints.  I don’t remember anything about the actual day, but the effect of the sacrament continues to manifest itself in my daily life. 

In Baptism, I was marked with the sign of faith, anointed with the holy chrism, robed in white and received the light of Christ, which I am to share with the world.  I was given the greatest gift my parents could have offered: They not only gave me life, but life in Christ.  They allowed me to become a child of God, a child of the King.  Had they only given me the gift of salvation Baptism offers, it would have been enough, but they continued to nurture the faith given me through Baptism.  Of course, it would be many years before I truly came to realize and appreciate what it meant to be a daughter of God; I eventually learned to live my life with dignity worthy of such a title. 

I love my family tree.  I am grateful to be a part of an amazing family history such as mine.  But I am even more grateful to be a daughter of God.  As an adopted daughter of the King, I am part of the Church.  I have my fellow members of the Church Militant to walk by my side; I have the beautiful examples of the Church Triumphant to give me something to strive for; and I have the prayers of the Church Suffering to aid me along the way. 

Baptism was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, which is why I celebrate today.  For it was on this day, November 18th, 1979, that I was washed in the holy waters of Baptism.  

Note: Today is also my brother’s birthday, which makes today extra special!  Happy Birthday, Jeffrey!

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