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i beat the blizzard…

December 10, 2009

…in a dress!!!  But not in heels.  I’m not that crazy!

I was bundled in layer upon layer when I embarked on my one mile trek to work.  And yes, I wore a dress today.  My sweater dresses are some of my warmest winter clothing.  Besides, I did have several layers on, including three for the lower half (stockings, leggings and leg warmers), not to mention wool socks and my brand new winter boots.  My old boots, which I wore yesterday in the slush and rain, leak and to be honest, they never kept me very warm.  The new boots, however, were fantastic!  This was their inaugural commute and I was toasty warm upon arrival.

I tried to be as prepared as possible for the winter season, but my timing was a little off this year.  I ordered a new coat, but it hasn’t arrived yet.  I love my grandma’s trusty down jacket, which I was given after she passed, but the jacket is old.  There is barely any down filling left in the shoulders.  I knew last year that a new coat would be necessary.  My new coat won’t have the character, history and love that added to the warmth of Gram’s coat, but I suppose that will come in time.  Still, Gram’s coat  kept me pretty warm today as I braved the brutal elements.  Thankfully, the shoulder straps on my backpack kept the wind from penetrating the jacket lining.

I looked like an abominable snow princess by the time I got to work, but I didn’t mind.  I rather enjoyed the quiet, peaceful commute.  Hopefully, the walk home will be just as glorious…

update: The evening commute was quite cold and exhausting, but I made it home.  The boots were fabulous, but the coat… well… the coat didn’t fare as well… I’ll be glad when the new one arrives.  Until then, I’m keeping myself warm with a tall glass of red wine!

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