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christmas and the bridegroom

December 14, 2009

I read an amazing Advent / Christmas reflection by Fr. Thomas Loya on Catholic Exchange today.  Through the theology of the body, Fr. Loya tells us how the language of our bodies as male and female reflect the Great Mystery of Christmas:

Ladies, if you remember nothing else from my articles on the theology of the body, I hope that you will remember these words: IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU! And men, please keep those words in mind as well because males only become men by making sure is its all about her. Yes, you are reading this correctly and it is coming from a Catholic priest, a member of the Church that all too often gets accused of being chauvinistic and unfair to women. It is a priest from that Church that is telling you ladies that in the entire order of Creation, in the life of the Church, IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU.

Now, admit it. I don’t think you have even heard Oprah say that nor even Dr. Phil. How can I say something so preposterous? It is because it is not me saying it but rather the language, the theology of our bodies that is undeniably screaming it. And this comes to it fullest revelation in the Christmas event that is about to be celebrated.

In John Eldridge’s book, Wild at Heart, he correctly says that a man needs three things: An adventure to live, a battle to fight, and a woman to rescue. He does not mean that women are weak and need rescuing. Rather he means every male, in order to become a man, must live for a woman. He must, like Superman soaring through the sky with Lois Lane on his back, take her out of herself and up into an exciting adventure. He must romance her, throw her off, keep a step ahead of her, take her by the hand, and lead her into areas that are frightful yet alluring. He must defend and protect the intrinsic dignity and holiness of her femininity that is stamped in the language of her feminine body-person.

The reason this is stamped in the language of our male and female bodies is because it is our way of sharing in the fundamental mystery of all of life that we are about to celebrate: Christmas.

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