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a christmas miracle

December 20, 2009

Back in 2007, I was given a Christmas miracle, or so I thought…  I recounted the happenings to my family and friends in an email.  Here is the story of my 2007 Christmas Miracle:

Christmas was amazing!  It was filled with peace, joy, prayer, family and plenty of laughter.  I couldn’t have asked for more, except maybe that my Christmas miracle would have actually happened.  One night during the third week of Advent I was practically asleep before I climbed into bed.  I woke up at one point worried that I had overslept my alarm.  Concerned as I was about over-sleeping, I spent few moments debating whether or not I should sit up and look at the time.  It always amazes me how my groggy, sleep-filled mind can rationalize just about anything for a few extra minutes of sleep.  I finally sat up and peered across the room at the clock.  I squinted and strained my eyes trying to make out the glowing green blob.  I squinted again and thought something didn’t seem right. Then it registered.  My eyes flew open.  I could see the time – clearly.  There was no need to squint.  It’s a miracle, I thought!  I can see! And I still have an hour before my alarm goes off!  I’m going back to sleep.  With a happy sigh, I curled up and dreamt about my miracle.

So much for that!  When I finally got up (after jumping out of bed and running across the room to hit snooze a couple times) and was no longer under the influence of “sleep-rationale”, I realized that I had forgotten to take my contacts out the night before.  Ah yes, my Christmas miracle that never was.  Maybe God was trying to tell me I should get my eyes lasered. I know I don’t need to remind the Lord that I prefer the most economical route which would be the miracle not the surgery.  Perhaps next Christmas…

Well, it didn’t happen last Christmas and I doubt it will happen this Christmas, but at least it was good for a laugh!

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