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standing on the brink

December 31, 2009

NYE in Grand Rapids

So here we are on the brink of not only a new year but a new decade.  What a journey it has been, reader!  My twenty-year-old self would have never imagined she would be where I am today, but I wouldn’t change anything.  That is not to say I don’t have regrets, because I do, but instead of agonizing over that which I cannot change, I’ve chosen to learn from those situations.

The decade was full of adventure, excitement, joy, sorrow, laughter and tears – and a lot of writing and dancing.  I experienced both love and heartache, but mostly the former.  There were many comings and goings of family and friends, several of whom joined the ranks of the Church Triumphant.  All the escapades, circumstances and events of the last ten years were woven together with thread of every-day-life.  It was in the humdrum of daily living that I found my identity rooted in the Lord.  God allowed me to reclaim my dignity as His daughter through the gift of dance, which was (and is) in itself a remarkable journey.

The final year of this decade has been the most incredible of all.  The tragedy of my sister’s accident was overshadowed by the grace of God.  Every ounce of shock, pain and trauma were countered by pounds of peace, love and unity.  The prayers, encouragements and support were overwhelming.  The stress of unexpected woes tend to strip people of all facades, and for better or worse, their true nature comes to light.  It brought me great joy to see my family, friends and even strangers come together to carry this cross with dignity, compassion and forgiveness.  Being able to recognize God’s goodness in everyone I encountered was a glorious revelation.  The miracle of Rosario’s survival has renewed the faith of many.  I know God will continue to use this tragedy to make His glory known.

And that is how I find myself, standing on the edge of a new year and a new decade, full of faith, hope and excitement for the unknown.  I am beginning this chapter with more wisdom and experience than my naive twenty-year-old self had for her chapter.  I pray that in ten years my forty-year-old self will be able to look back with as much gratitude and forward with as much hope as I do now.

Happy New Year, reader!

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