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queen of push-ups & derringers (part I)

January 11, 2010

There was a time, reader, when I would literally roll out of bed, onto the floor and do around ten push-ups every day!  Previously, I had used weak wrists as an excuse not to do them.  Then one day – it may have even been a New Year’s resolution – I decided to do push-ups in the morning.  At first, I could barely pump out one and a half but the number increased overtime as my wrists and arms grew stronger.  And I didn’t do the modified women’s version, either.  Being my father’s daughter, I went for the more challenging version.

My push-ups became a family joke.  Whenever there was a question about whether or not a thing (anything) could be accomplished, I would say, “Sure I can do that!  After all, I do push-ups!”  If someone needed a jar opened, my response was “I can open it for you… because I do push-ups!”  Soon my family members would answer for me: “Cecilia can do that – you know… the push-ups!”

A few family members had a hard time believing that I could even do a push-up properly.  So my brothers challenged me to a little competition.  Technically, I lost.  I couldn’t keep up with my brothers and was only able to do twenty-three compared to the boys’ twenty- five and twenty-six.  Still, it was a decent showing – it’s not like they left me in the dust!  My dad and brothers were pretty impressed. 

I kept up this daily exercise for a couple of years, but somehow the habit fell by the wayside for another couple of years.  I picked it up when I started dancing again.  Between wielding the large skirt during practice and the strengthening provided by push-ups, my arms once again grew in strength.  I should have known that I would soon become another family joke…

To be continued in Part II…

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  1. Ronn permalink
    January 12, 2010 12:58 am

    Your push-ups are no joke. I’ve seen you do one handed push-ups with Brutus!! :D

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