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queen of push-ups & derringers – part III

January 13, 2010

Although my last two posts about push-ups and derringers may seem random, the stories have been on my mind due to my present situation.

You see, back in September, I decided to take a break from dancing.  I had promised myself that I would continue with my daily strengthening and conditioning workouts, but those were soon neglected.  (In my defense, I was incredibly busy and still emotionally exhausted due to the events of the summer.)  I was still active, but said activity was nothing compared to my former regimen of five days of workouts per week, plus two nights of dance practice.

After all those months off, I am ready to hit the floor dancing!  Well… not quite yet.  Let’s just say, I am implementing a rigorous workout schedule so I will be ready when the time comes to return to the dance floor, which I hope will be soon.  And that brings me to my current condition…

I think my arms are going to fall off.  Seriously!  Between the ballet workout push-ups and the yoga planks, my arms feel so weak!  Sore legs don’t bother me as much as sore arms: I’ve barely been able to type for the past couple of days.  Sometimes, my arms feel so heavy they just hang from my shoulders, limp and lifeless.  Every movement  requires great effort, which is why my mind has been preoccupied with push-ups and derringers.  Pretty soon, I’ll be queen of push-ups once more and these derringers will toned and ready to wield a folklorico skirt again!  Until then… I hope they stay attached to my shoulders!

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  1. Safety Guy permalink
    January 13, 2010 7:57 pm

    You really have to worry more about your head staying attached to your shoulders. Ha!


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