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vertically blessed

March 1, 2010

I’m not a big fan of “politically correct” terminology.  I find many PC terms rather degrading and insulting, particularly the phrase often used to describe me: vertically challenged.

It’s true, people actually use this term to describe my small stature.  I am short, folks.  Please don’t insult me by having the audacity to call me challenged as though I had any control over my height.   Just say it.  S-H-O-R-T!  Short – that’s me!  On a good day I can stretch to 5’3 ½”but only when I wear my favorite silver heels which give me the extra 2 ½”.  I love being short.  Sure, being pint-sized presents daily challenges, like reaching the overhead compartment in airplanes, but I as a person am not challenged in any way.  I am what I am.  No challenges here.

My ideal height was always 5’3”.  I worked really hard to get there, but never made it over 5’1”.  It took a while before I learned to accept my height for what it was instead of focusing on the lack of inches.  Accepting the visible characteristics of who God created me to be made it easier to accept the invisible ones too, especially those attributes that were slightly different than what I would have preferred.

It riles me to no end when people call me vertically challenged.  Not only is it insulting to me but to God as well.  After all, He is the one who ordained my height.  Plus God allows me the pleasure of being just over 5’3” whenever I want or at least whenever I wear something that matches my fabulous silver heels.

I am short, not challenged.  People need to get over their ultra-sensitivity issues and accept what I have come to love and enjoy.  Throw political correctness and it’s subtle insults to the wind.  Go ahead – tell me I’m short!  If that’s too much for you, then please refrain from calling me vertically challenged.  Try “vertically blessed” on for size.

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