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meeting the pacific

March 10, 2010

It was with great pleasure that Angelica and I were formally introduced to the Pacific Ocean.  We had never met before.  We made an impact on each other and none of us will be the same: not Ang, not myself, not even the ocean.  I am used to seeing immense bodies of water, but Lake Michigan doesn’t have mountains along the shore.  It was thrilling to see such grandeur side-by-side.

We strolled along Santa Monica Pier, with Rosario and Danny, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean.  The pier was peppered with vendors displaying their colorful merchandise, as well as artists and craftsmen exhibiting their talents.  A few fishermen waited patiently for their catch of the day, while some crazy tourists tried to take photos with a pelican resting on a near-by railing.  He let the brazen photo-seekers know when they got too close by snapping his beak at them.  Our party enjoyed the pelican from afar.  My fabulous zoom lens produced great photos, and none of us felt the need to stand next to bird and interrupt his grooming for a photo op.

The wind whipped around us as we made our way to the end of the pier.  We looked out over the blue waters, listening to the rhythmic ebb and flow colliding with the cement on which we stood.

We returned to the sandy shore and sauntered to the edge of the ocean.  Angelica and I had been christened by the salty mist of crashing waves, and we were ready to return the honor.  Ang crouched down and touched her hand to the waves as they eagerly crept closer and closer while I danced in the shallow, foamy waters.

Yes, our introduction to the Pacific Ocean was very pleasurable.  The impact of the ocean’s power, grace and beauty will be a lasting one.  I humor myself in believing the impact was mutual, but Angelica and I are pretty impressive and unique individuals so I wouldn’t be surprised if we did leave a lasting impression on the waters of the Pacific.

Some day the Pacific and I shall meet again and continue the acquaintance that began with wonderment, laughter and joy.

Ang extends her hand to the ocean

Dancing in the Pacific

Sisters at the Pacific

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