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angelica’s hollywood dreams

March 11, 2010

Angie in Blue's Thinking Chair

There were three things Angelica really wanted to do while we were in Los Angeles: 1) See Danny/King Julian in action 2) See the Hollywood sign and 3) See stars.  We were able to squeeze in two of them – sort of…

We didn’t see any stars.  We had a lot going on and weren’t able to make an effort to see anyone.  Danny challenged Ang as to why she wanted to meet stars and asked her what she would do if she met any stars.

“I dunno…” Angelica shrugged.  “I just wanna see some stars.”  Ang was the only one who was disappointed; Rosario, Danny and I didn’t care either way.

Angie was hoping to go with Danny when he recorded for Penguins of Madagascar at Nickelodeon, but we couldn’t work it out since they usually record on Thursdays and we had to be in court on Thursday.  To make it up to her, Danny arranged for us to take a tour of Nickelodeon on Friday.  We all listened attentively as our enthusiastic tour guide explained the step-by-step process of creating Nickelodeon’s hit shows.  It was very enlightening.  T.G. (Tour Guide whose name escapes me) brought our attention to the colorful, vibrant décor.

Listening to T.G.

“We try to create an environment for our artists that will stimulate their creative juices and inspire their work,” he informed us.

I leaned over to Angelica and whispered, “It’s great for stimulating and inspiring artists, but it’s a bit over-stimulating for autistics, isn’t it?”

“It is!” she acknowledged with her typical shrug and smile.  Angie poked me in the arm a couple of times and then obediently followed T.G. to our next stop.  There was no question about it – Ang was definitely overwhelmed by her surroundings, but she handled it quite well.

Of course, Angelica was most excited about seeing the recording studio where her favorite characters are given life and personality through their voices.  She got to sit in Danny’s chair and even put his headphones on.  It may not have been exactly what Ang had hoped for, but she enjoyed every minute spent at Nickelodeon.

If Angelica was excited to see the ocean, she was absolutely ecstatic to see the Hollywood sign.  Her eyes grew wide with excitement and awe when she saw the famed white letters sitting on a hillside for the first time.  After that, she would crane her neck this way and that searching for the sign whenever we were in the car.

Since seeing the Hollywood sign was important to Ang, we made it a priority.  It helped that we had

Ang enjoys King Julian's royal chair

to stop at Rosario’s former place of employment, Act One, which is in the same neighborhood.  After we left Act One, we (or I should say Danny) drove up the winding road to the overlook.  Angie’s enthusiasm for the sign was contagious and I loved seeing her beam with excitement.

We asked Angelica several times during our trip what her favorite part had been up to that point. She would shrug her shoulders, which prompted Rosario and I to start asking “Was it when we (fill-in-the-blank)?  Or when we (fill-in-the-blank)?” etc.  Although Ang could never pick out just one thing, her giddy grin whenever the Hollywood sign was mentioned confirmed her answer.

Two out of three Hollywood dreams isn’t too shabby, right Ang?  Maybe next time your third dream will come true…

Me & Ang with "The Sign"

Me & Rosario

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  1. Rosario Rodriguez permalink
    March 15, 2010 3:44 pm

    There WAS a star sighting! Only Ang wasn’t there :( Danny & I saw Mira Sorvino & her baby son Holden at Trader Joe’s Tuesday night.

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