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core strength training – lenten style

March 15, 2010

I cannot believe we are more than halfway through Lent!!  In some ways, the time has flown by but in other ways it has been excruciatingly slow.

I have a tendency during Lent to become overambitious with my resolutions.  This year I was tempted to make an extensive list of vices I wanted to conquer but I decided to simplify.  Simple will be better, I thought to myself as I prayed about my Lenten resolutions.  Not easier by any means, but better.

Sometimes the most basic aspects of my faith are first to slip into the background.  So I am focusing on the center my life, which is my relationship with the Lord and am making more of an effort to be faithful to Christ by setting aside time for daily prayer instead of sporadically fitting it into my schedule.  The discipline necessary for the above mentioned effort is being exercised by fasting and giving-up different things.  Like I said, simple but not easy.

Once I started focusing on my center, I realized how distracted I get by details and checklists.  The more I concentrate on the little things, the harder it is to keep it all together.  Of course, if I stayed centered, all those details would naturally fall into place.

It’s the same when learning the pirouette.  My dance instructor continually reminds me to find my center, after I’ve struggled to stay upright because I was too busy with my checklist (arms together, shoulders down, leg up to passé, knee pointed out, spot head, etc.) to remember to hold my core muscles.  When I attempt a properly centered pirouette, the energy from my core pulls the details together and I make it all the way around without tipping over.

My core muscles provide stability, energy, power and elegance for every movement.  You would think that by now I would have learned to keep my center engaged, but I still need to be reminded – in dance, as well as in life.

This Lent has been non-stop core strength training.  As I’ve focused on my relationship with the Lord, other worrisome details have been brought to my attention.  I’ve been able to work through those areas while keeping a sturdy hold on my center.  Suddenly they aren’t as daunting or overwhelming as I thought they would be.  That is not to say Lent has been easier than expected.  It has been much more difficult than I ever would have imagined, which means Easter will be more glorious than I could ever hope.

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  1. March 15, 2010 7:26 pm

    I like the connection you make between dancing and living your life. I used to dance when I was younger and try to do it every now and then, so I understand the connection. Good thoughts, they remind me of other people out there dealing with similar things.

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