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appreciating miserable weather

March 26, 2010

If you are a regular reader you may have picked up on the fact that I usually write in praise of the weather, even winter weather.  In learning to laugh at the days to come, I’ve learned to let go of that which I cannot control, like the days to come and the weather.  All the energy I wasted in grumbling over miserable conditions is now invested in properly preparing for said conditions, which makes them not-so-miserable.  In turn, I’ve been able discover beauty in even the most miserable weather situations.  It might be the smallest speck of beauty that ever existed but that’s all I need to make the circumstances bearable.

But like most people, I often grow weary of the monotonous seasonal weather.  I enjoy the occasional weather surprise that keeps me on my toes.  There are always a few volatile systems that pass through as the seasons transition from one to the other.  I have come to expect mid-spring snowfalls and mid-autumn beach days, but I did not expect single-digit wind chills at the end of March.

It has been cold and windy all week, and I’ve tolerated it well.  I actually started to enjoy the challenge of staying upright as the wind attempted to sweep me off my feet.  Today’s bitter temperatures, however, were almost more than I could bear.  Thankfully there was not a cloud in the sky to diminish the brilliance of the sun, which cheered me greatly.  I may have gone over the edge and fallen into a grimy pit of complaints if it hadn’t been for the sunshine.

Even though I profess appreciation of all things winter, I am ready for a change, and spring is slowly taking over the weather pattern.  I suppose I can endure a few more winter-like days in order to enjoy the warm, fresh days of spring.

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