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my coffee drinking confession

April 6, 2010

I have always been adamant about strictly being a tea drinker and continually refused to have anything to do with coffee, which is why it is very difficult for me to admit that I started drinking coffee.  Granted, it’s sissy coffee – I prefer heavily loaded lattes to regular leaded coffee, as Grandpa calls it – but it’s coffee nonetheless.

Over the past few months, I have slowly acquired a taste for that which I used to despise.  Although I never liked the taste of coffee before I started my reluctant journey to become a drinker of coffee, I always appreciated the smell.  I love walking down the coffee aisle at the store and breathing in the fragrant aroma, or stepping into a coffee shop just to get a whiff.  If coffee tasted as good as it smelled, I’d have converted a long time ago*.

It has been very humbling for me to admit that I have become a coffee drinker.  I held out for a long time just to be stubborn but I finally gave in**.  I must be getting weak in my old age.  My cousin, Cecilia, told me that she likes me a lot more now since she thinks coffee drinkers are way more fun than tea drinkers.  At least that brings some comfort to my bruised pride. 

My taste in coffee is rather expensive though, considering I am lactose intolerant and have to substitute soy milk for the less expensive regular milk.  I decided to give up lattes and mochas for Lent to give my pocketbook a break.   It wasn’t the most difficult thing ever; the hardest part was not indulging myself whenever the desire for a latte or the need for caffeine struck.  It was a good sacrifice, and I was looking forward to enjoying a latte again. 

I was so excited about getting a Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks on Easter Sunday morning that I planned my entire schedule around it.  Unfortunately, unforeseen schedule changes arose, and it didn’t work out.  I was disappointed, but figured I’d go the next day.

I knew my regular Starbucks was closed on Monday but there was another one nearby.  It is several blocks away, but I was determined to get a CDL.  I walked in the door of the hotel where the other downtown Starbucks is located and was greeted by the doorman, who told me that location was closed, too.  He mentioned something about construction…

I sighed.  There’s always tomorrow, I told myself.  Tomorrow became today, and today brought severe weather warnings. 

I debated all morning about going out in tumultuous weather.  I’ve braved some pretty bad storms for Starbucks in the past and was fully prepared to do so again today.  By the time my morning break rolled around, so had some rather menacing clouds.  The sky was completely black, with rain was so thick it seemed that everything was underwater.  As much as a Cinnamon Dolce Latte would be worth it, I decided I didn’t want to return to work looking like I had walked through a monsoon. 

Wednesdays have always been my favorite Starbucks days, so I’m not too worried about what tomorrow will bring, as long as it brings me a Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

*Madcap, a local coffeehouse, has coffee that tastes as good as it smells.  I went there yesterday as a consolation and had the best Café Mocha ever!  I had avoided Madcap since my coffee conversion because I had a sip of their coffee about a year ago.  I knew right then I could develop a taste for their coffee.  I didn’t want to get hooked since they are slightly more expensive than Starbucks.  I’ve decided that Madcap lattes will be reserved for extra-special occasions. 

**I have yet to buy a coffee maker so I have the added consolation of not fully giving in.


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