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understated easter beauty

April 7, 2010

Easter really is my favorite time of the year, liturgically speaking.  The liturgies for the Triduum are full of traditions rich in symbolism, which stirs the very core of my being and draws me deeper into the mysteries of my Catholic faith.

This year, each liturgy overflowed with understated beauty, making Easter everything I had hoped it would be and more, in spite of my doubts during the final week of Lent.  The considerable lack of drama gave significant moments greater impact.  (There was a little drama at the Easter Vigil when Fr. Don almost caught on fire due to the massive flames of the Easter fire along with strong winds and flowing vestments.)  Even the most impressive parts of the Vigil were done with reverent passion, which intensified their profound meaning.

I allowed the beauty of Easter, in its triumphant glory, to surround and permeate me like incense around the altar.  I have barely begun to process the depths of my encounter with the Risen Christ.  Thankfully, I still have several weeks left in the Easter season to “put out into the deep” yet again.

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