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memory recall failures and victories

April 20, 2010

My memory recall failed first thing this morning when I tried to sign in to my work email.  I entered my password six times before realizing I was typing the wrong password.  I tried again, but the new one didn’t work either.  It took another six or seven tries, a computer restart and a visit from the IT department before I figured out I was entering the correct password incorrectly (The password is case sensitive).  It was a humbling moment as I buried my head in my hands and IT walked away chuckling.

About twenty minutes later, I was chatting with the Heating & Cooling guy and the Building Maintenance man about spending the last hours of yesterday’s work day shivering as Arctic air blasted from the vent overhead.  Heating & Cooling was gone by the time I called about the frigid temps so Building Maintenance did what little he could with the promise that he would return to find a more permanent solution.

“The Arctic air is never a problem at the beginning of the day, only during the second half of it,” I informed them when they came to check my status this morning.

“Arctic air, huh?” Heating & Cooling looked at me skeptically, but in good humor.

“It was pretty cold when I came up last night.” Building Maintenance backed up my claim.

The guys looked at the vent, discussed the thermostat location, and tried to determine something about the ducts.  They walked around the lobby trying to find a way into the ceiling to no avail.  Finally they came back to my desk and peered into the vent.

Building Maintenance said, “We can’t seem to find a way up into that part of the ceiling.  Is there any other way we could change the direction of the vent?”

Heating & Cooling replied, “Not unless we got Rick Moranis to shrink us down to size so we could fit through the vent.

I looked at Heating & Cooling wondering if I had heard him right.  “Wow – that’s a reference I haven’t heard in ages!” I said, as we both started to laugh at his Honey, I Shrunk The Kids comment.  I think he was amazed that I actually got the reference, and to tell you the truth so was I.  I haven’t thought about that movie in eons!  It was a memory recall victory and a miraculous one at that, considering the previous failure of not remembering a simple password I use on a daily basis.  I was relieved to discover my memory recall hadn’t abandoned me completely.

This morning I saw the failures and victories of my fickle memory, which seems to fluctuate just as much as the temperature in the office.  I wonder if the constant temperature change is affecting my brain or if it’s part of the natural progression of aging…  It could be both: The office in which I work is nestled on the top floor of large brick building circa late 1800’s, and the age of the building makes it difficult to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the day.  But let me be clear – if the natural progression of age is at fault for my memory recall failures it’s because of the building’s age, not mine!

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