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the great cake debacle

May 18, 2010

One of the reasons the date of my First Communion is seared in my memory is because the following day happens to be my brother’s birthday.  I shall never forget our childish pettiness over having to share a cake.  I would like to think I changed for the better the moment I received my First Communion.  Unfortunately, the results of that change were not instantaneous, as Charles could easily attest.

I loved my beautiful First Communion cake, which was shaped like a cross and covered in light blue frosting and yellow-gold adornments, and I put up a fuss about the leftovers doubling as Charles’ birthday cake.  Looking back, it makes perfect sense to share the abundance instead of wasting two cakes, but at the time, I had absolutely no compassion for the poor six-year-old boy forced to celebrate his birthday with leftovers!

Our cake has been a source of animosity over the years.  Not a deep hostile sort of animosity, it’s more like pretend animosity.  At least it is on my side.  (For all I know, Charles could harbor an intense dislike toward me for having to share the spotlight that one year when he was so used to winning at everything else.)  I’ve gotten over the cake thing (and I hope Charles has too after twenty-three years!).  I am actually grateful for the debacle it caused.  I may not have remembered the date of my First Communion if it hadn’t been for Charles’ birthday!

So… Younger Brother, here’s to you on your 29th birthday!  In spite of the last comment you made on my blog, I wish you all the best!  We have both come a long way since our cake mess.  Thank you for always challenging me to grow in unconditional love, compassion and patience.  (Though I do advise you against trying to teach me patience while being an obstinate navigator again; it might be your undoing.)  I love you, Charles.  Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. Birthday Brother permalink
    May 19, 2010 12:57 am

    obstinate navigator?? hmmm…not I, said the Chuck. By the way it appears that I have been grace filled (gratia plena) at least since the moment of my sixth birthday: As I recall (and I might be wrong) I didn’t mind sharing the cake (no fuss for me), nor has it ever been a source of animosity for me, as opposed to my sister a bastion of cake-sharing-resentment, who has yet to let an 18th of May pass without mentioned aforementioned cake (let it read non gratia plena).
    Ha ha, couldn’t have made 29 years w/o you and the family!!! Love ya, see you soon!

  2. Cristin Luea permalink
    May 22, 2010 10:54 am

    :) I love it.

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