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confessions of a chapstick addict

June 1, 2010

I have a slight addiction to lip balm, particularly ChapStick Naturals.  I buy several tubes at a time and strategically place them in various easy-to-access locations: in my purse, on my nightstand, in the bathroom, and in my desk at work.  I used to keep one in my car, but grew tired of melted ChapStick goo during the summer months.  I have plenty of lip balm stashed in other areas and don’t feel the loss of not having any in my car.

Tubes of ChapStick are rarely farther than an arm’s length away, so you can imagine my surprise when I reached into my purse a couple weeks ago only to find it void of all ChapStick.  I freaked out.  I rifled through my purse three or four times.  I don’t remember where I was, but I wasn’t at a place where I could empty it.  I had to go without.  Eek!

This happened several more times over the course of a few days.  Every time I got home, I had enough ChapStick around that I never went to my purse.  It was only when I was out and about and my purse was the only source of relief for my little lip balm addiction.  Except it remained unable to satisfy my need for ChapStick.

I honestly don’t know how long I carried out this frenzied routine, but I finally replaced the missing tube.  When I looked in my purse the other day, I found that I replaced the ChapStick three times over!  There are now two tubes of ChapStick Naturals swimming in the bottom of my purse and one in a side pocket.  My panicked subconscious must have been determined that I never experience such wanting again.

So much for that!

I transferred the contents of my purse to my backpack when I went to the beach over the weekend – necessities only.  I carefully stored my wallet, phone, camera and a pen into the pockets of the backpack.  For some reason I also grabbed lip gloss, but failed to grab one of the three tubes of lip balm!!!  Somewhere in my excitement over my first beach trip of the season, all common sense escaped me.  (I can’t say all common sense – I did remember every other necessary beach item.)  Thankfully, my companions had other assorted forms of lip balm.  Still it wasn’t the same… I missed my ChapStick Naturals.

I think it’s time to upgrade my condition from slight addiction to moderate addiction.  Or would that be downgrading my condition?  Either way, I am considering inventing a lip balm holster so I can carry the stuff on my personage since I rarely wear anything with pockets and I’m not ready to give up my addiction yet…

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