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bringing vs. making

June 3, 2010

When my cousin (Cecilia2) had her baby a few weeks ago, family and friends organized a schedule to provide meals for the new parents.  There were enough volunteers for two weeks worth of dinners, so Rosario and I decided not to sign up.  We figured we would bring them food once the schedule ended.

The afternoon of their last provided supper, I sent an email to Cecilia2 asking what day would work best to bring them a meal.  She replied to thank us and wrote, “If you want to make dinner for us on Friday, that would probably work best for us.”  I corrected her when I emailed her back to confirm the day, “Friday is perfect, and I said we would bring you dinner not make it.  Here’s the menu for Big O’ Café.  Please let me know by 4PM what you would like me to order.”

I know how to cook – I do it all the time, but I only cook for one person!  Sure, I’ve made a dish here or there that yields more than two servings, but one dish is quite different than an entire meal.  Not to mention, my contributions to larger meals are typically vegetable trays.

Besides, I haven’t had to plan a meal for multiple people for over seven years.  It would make sense to simply take one of my meal plans and make extra, except most people don’t eat the way I eat.  Dad says I eat like a bird: a little here and a little there.  I get all the nutrition I need between my daily five to six small meals: a little protein here, a little (lot of) veggies there, some fruit here and a few carbs there, washing it all down with a lot of water and a little wine.  Rosario is the same way so she wouldn’t have been much help planning a meal.

I know we could have come up with something if we had really thought about it, but ordering from our favorite restaurant was quick, easy and a wonderful way to support local businesses.  Besides, Cecilia 2 and Curt like their food just as much as we do.

Dinner from Big O’ Café was delivered and enjoyed by all.  (I couldn’t order something from Big O’ without picking up a little somethin’-somthin’ for me and Rosario!)  I suppose in a way I did make them dinner when I made the call to place the order, even if someone else prepared it.

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  1. sylvia permalink
    June 6, 2010 11:28 pm

    What a great idea-you can “make” me dinner anytime!
    Aunt Sylvia

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