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an adoration chapel survival story

June 14, 2010

There are always several other people in the adoration chapel whenever I stop by at random times throughout the week, but Rosario and I had the place to ourselves on Saturday afternoon.  We had stopped in while we waited for Angelica who was next door meeting with her confessor.

Halfway through my rosary, my phone vibrated letting us know that Ang was done.  Rosario went to open the chapel door, and I got up to cover the monstrance before we left since no one else was there.  When my sisters walked back into the chapel, Rosario whispered that Angelica wanted to finish her penance.  So I knelt down on one of the kneelers at the front of the chapel to continue my rosary.

I was deep in prayer, but still noticed a stirring behind me.  I thought perhaps Ang was done and ready to go.  When I looked back, I saw Rosario tip-toeing toward me.  She didn’t say anything; she looked a little panicky and waved to my back.  My ‘sister radar’ must have been off because I had no idea what she wanted.  Rose hesitated as she reached out and brushed my back.  She jumped back and pointed at the ground with her foot.  A spider.  I calmly stepped on the spider and Rosario was able to breathe again.  She genuflected reverently, but shakily.  She mumbled under her breath “I’m sorry, Jesus” and returned to her pew.

When we were settled in the car, Angelica asked what the commotion was all about and Rosario’s story came flooding out:

“Well, I was praying and I happened to look up and I saw a spider on Cecilia’s back!  It was this big!” She held up her hand to show Ang how massive the thing was.  “It was crawling up toward her neck!  I was so scared it would get to her neck and fhwt! it would bite her and she would die!  I couldn’t say anything at that point!  Not that it would have mattered.  She would have never been able to get the spider off of her and then fhwt! She’d have been dead in a matter of minutes!”

Angelica and I made no attempt to cover up our laughter during Rosario’s animated story.  We know she has a great dislike for spiders that is reflected in the intensity with which she speaks of them.

Rosario continued, “I realized I was your only hope for survival, Cecilia.  I kept thinking ‘It’s all up to me!’  I’m glad we were in adoration, because Jesus gave me the grace to walk up there and save! your! life!  I was so scared; I really couldn’t say anything until after I saved you.  Then I felt like I should apologize for being irreverent even though I’m sure God understood that it was a matter of life and death.”

I howled with laughter!  “Life and death?! Seriously, Rosario? Oh but Ang,” I added, “I had to actually kill the spider.  Once Rose knocked the thing off me, she just stood there!”

“I was too scared to move!” she cried in defense. “What if it jumped on me and fhwt! I would have been a goner too!” (Oh Rosario and her spider-biting sounds!) She sighed dramatically.  “I hope you appreciate everything I had to go through to save your life!”

“Oh, I do.  I think my favorite part was the apology!”  Angelica and I erupted in laughter all over again.  The whole situation was way too funny!

“I’m just glad no one else was there!” Rosario said.  “I wouldn’t have wanted to disturb anyone’s prayer.  But I really didn’t care about being a little irreverent ‘cause I had to save your life from the fhwt!

“I don’t really think Christ minded either.  Are you kidding? I bet they were sitting up in heaven in need of a little entertainment and Christ said, ‘Wanna see what will happen if I put a spider on Cecilia right in front of Rosario in the middle of adoration!?  I mean I know what will happen, but it will still be funny to watch!’ We all know God has a sense of humor, Rose!”

Despite Rosario’s sensational recounting of the event, neither of us were disrespectful or irreverent in our actions.  We were both rather calm considering Rosario could have screamed in panic or fainted or something, and we saved our laughter until we were out of the chapel.  Besides, most of the drama happened in Rosario’s head.  But Rose was right – for once I too was grateful the unusually empty adoration chapel.  It was just three of the Schwartz sisters, Jesus and the spider.  Only the spider didn’t survive.

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