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meeting backwoods in high heels – part I

July 14, 2010

Rosario and I may not look like your typical Red Green fans, but we waited in line for a good three and a half hours on Sunday to meet the funny backwoodsman from Canada.  We went straight to Rylee’s Ace Hardware after Mass.  Of course for us, straight there included a stop at Starbucks and a stop at home to drop off Angelica and pick up some snacks.  We didn’t take the time to change so we arrived in our usual Sunday morning attire (a small step up from our everyday wear).  And there we stood, in our dresses and heels, second in line to get our wristbands and duct tape, surrounded by other fans dressed in t-shirts or plaid shirts and jeans or shorts (or jean shorts with folded cuffs held by duct tape).  We didn’t blend at all!

Rosario and I are used to getting the ‘twin look’ everywhere we go, so we didn’t think much of the double takes from the event organizers as they surveyed the growing line of fans from time to time.  But they must of thought we were lost as we sipped our lattes and listened to Latin music on Rosario’s iPhone through a shared headset because we were asked several time if we were there for Red Green.

“Yes,” we answered in unison.  Rosario explained that we used to watch the show with our father, who happens to look a lot like Red Green.  (Not only does Dad bear an uncanny resemblance to the Canadian comedian, he also does a great impression of him, too!)  Skepticism would immediately appear on the listeners’ faces.  They were polite about it but we knew they were thinking ‘Yeah right!  That’s impossible!  You girls are brown, and Red Green isn’t.’ Of course, their jaws hit the ground as soon as Rosario showed them a photo of Dad on her phone.

“Is your dad here?” was their next question.

“No!  He’s actually up north at our cabin working on the septic tank and outhouse.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

Rosario and I laughed and shook our heads. “We wish we were kidding, but it’s true!”  Dad would have blended in with that crowd quite well, I thought to myself.

The staff was impressed with how long we had been waiting, but we were honest and explained that while we wanted to meet Red Green, there was also a World Cup final to watch.  We got there extra early to ensure we could meet Red and miss the least amount of game time.

…to be continued…

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  1. July 24, 2010 8:40 am

    Cecilia, in this story, you and Rose are like two characters from a real-life romantic-comedy. I applaud.

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