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meeting backwoods in high heels – part II

July 15, 2010

Rosario and I ended up being first in line for Red Green’s autograph!  (No, we didn’t mow down the couple in front of us on the way to the autograph table!  We just listened to and followed the employee’s directions.)  Rosario mostly wanted a photo with Red, even though she knew people would assume it was a photo of us with our dad!

There was still about an hour’s wait before Red Green arrived, and we continued to pass the time listening to music and chatting with the event staff.  We were quite a hit, if I do say so myself.  I’m sure they were expecting an interesting crowd of characters, but I don’t think they expected any city girls, much less brown city girls!

Mr. Red Green finally arrived, and Rosario led the crowd in cheering and applause.  We stepped up to the table with our duct tape ready.  Rosario told him about Dad.  He had the same skeptical reaction everyone else did but was in shock when he saw the photo.

“OHMIGOSH!” Red exclaimed as he starred at the picture.  “WOW!”  We relayed the story of why Dad wasn’t there in person and he got a big kick out of that.

“Would you mind taking a picture with us?” Rosario asked.

“Not at all!” Red graciously invited us behind the table.  I had already given my camera to the young man on security detail, but there were at least eight other photographers snapping wildly.  We smiled until the flashes died down.

Then someone cried, “How about one with the product?!  Can someone hand the girls some duct tape?”  There was another round of flashes as Rosario and I posed with the duct tape.  (We made sure the labels faced out.)

“Did anyone want to sketch us while we are here?” Red asked, laughing.  “Or an oil-painting, perhaps?”  Turning to us, he asked us, “So, is this your first modeling job?”  We all laughed.  He had a great sense of humor.

We returned to the front of the table, and Red Green sat down to sign our rolls of duct tape.  We bid him farewell and headed off to watch the World Cup.  As we walked away, we heard the next person in line approach the table and say “Well, that’s a tough act to follow!”  Rosario and I laughed.  We couldn’t help that the promoters and event staff made a big deal over the culturally diverse crowd, which consisted of two people – us.  Of course, we didn’t attempt to blend in either… We were our usual selves.

Red Green arrived around 2 PM, and we were out the door by 2:06, with plenty of time to make it home for the 2:30 game.  So was it worth the three and a half hour wait for a five minute photo shoot and a signed roll of duct tape?  Absolutely!  I loved seeing Red Green’s reaction to Dad’s picture.  And the extra attention we got for not looking like typical fans?  Well that was kind of fun, too.

“If the ladies don’t find you handsome, at least they’ll find you handy!” – Red Green

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  1. Blue Green permalink
    July 15, 2010 11:06 am

    As Red Green’s long lost brother in the lower 48, I have to say that to say Red Green has a sense of humor is a bit redundant. He is a comical fellow, after all.

    As children we knew he was funny then. Mum named him (as she did all of us) correctly. Red Green is kind of a stop-and-go feller – bi-polar even, which makes him funny.

    Of course, people were skeptical that your dad looks like brother Red, looking at you two. I always tell people that my kids had the good sense to look like their mother.

    It’s too bad you girls didn’t get to meet nephew Harold, your cousin (our sister’s boy). Maybe at the upcoming family reunion.

    Blue Green

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