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seeing life through new contacts

August 13, 2010

The world always looks better through a fresh new pair of contacts, I thought to myself as I walked out of the eye doctor’s office.  I had put off my yearly eye exam for as long as I could, but was soon faced with the inevitable: I was down to my last pair of contacts.  I had also used all my ‘free passes’, aka convincing the staff at my eye doctor’s office to order contacts on my expired prescription with a promise of “returning soon for the exam”.

I usually don’t like going to get my eyes checked.  It is always a hassle trying to get an appointment, not to mention how unsettling it is not being able to see anything when in a public setting.  Add to that the intense concentration, the squinting and straining of the eyes required for reading those tiny little ink blobs while the doctor keeps switching lenses to determine which is more clear and I am left with a headache!  And then (yes – there’s more!) there is the puff of air and the bright lights and the eye drops to dilate the pupils!  Ugh!  Is it any wonder I put it off for as long as possible?

This time around, however, it wasn’t so bad.  I still had to endure all the unpleasantries mentioned above, but it was my first time visiting this particular eye doctor and an altogether better experience than any of my previous exams.  Perhaps it was because they were so accommodating to my work schedule; or the fact that the office is located right across the street from work; or maybe because the exam room was slightly larger than the unbearably small exam room at my former eye doctor’s office which eliminated some claustrophobic stress; but I wasn’t exhausted when I left.

The doc gave me a new pair of lenses to try out for a couple of days, and they sure felt good!  I was quickly on my way and was surprised to find a spring in my step as I walked back to work.   That was when I acknowledged that the world always looks better through a fresh new pair of contacts!*

Of course when I got home, I realized why everything looked so amazing – my vision was worse and the new contacts were stronger than my last pair.  There isn’t a huge difference, but I was disappointed because I had gone a good four years or so with the same prescription.  When I take an exam over and over again, I expect to get better every time – not worse!  Oh well!  I decided to embrace reality even with the slight disappointment: I’m not blind or even close to it, and I feel like the possibilities are endless now that my life is in focus!

I can’t say that from now on I will love getting my eyes checked the way I love going to the dentist (I seriously enjoy the dentist and getting my teeth cleaned!), but thanks to my new eye doctor at least I won’t dread it.

*I went back after work a few days later for the pupil dilatation test.  It was like living in an alternate universe: I could see far (with my contacts), but couldn’t see a thing up close!  I even tried extending my arm as far as possible to see my phone but my arms weren’t long enough!

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