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the family reunion: 2010 edition

August 15, 2010

One thing I love about Schwartz family reunions is they are not grandiose events.  They are not held at exotic locations, unless you call rural Ohio exotic.  There are no structured activities, aside from the whoever-wants-to-play-can-play volleyball games, nor are there exciting sightseeing tours, except for those random side trips to the old family homestead and the family plot at the local cemetery.  We don’t even get together for a full weekend – the reunion is one day and one day only.  But even after sixty-plus years of a simple potluck gathering, there is still a decent turnout every year.

The 2010 version of the Schwartz Family Reunion was as unpretentious as its predecessors.  The day was spent standing around, eating, playing volleyball (well not me personally – I watched while others played), standing around some more, and eating again, all the while the company of my extended family.  There was nothing to distract me from our good old fashioned family fun.  It wouldn’t have been a reunion without the previously mentioned volleyball games and the For No Damn Good Reason, but our biggest excitement of the day was the reappearance of an old tradition (the group photo) and the commencement of a new tradition (grilling hot dogs for dinner), neither of which diverted our attention from appreciating and strengthening our familial bond.

Some outsiders would probably scoff and say “This is it?  You just eat, play volleyball, stand around and eat again. Why do you make such a big deal about this!?”  Perhaps our reunions aren’t a big deal to others, but they are to us, or at least to me.  I love that my family doesn’t need much to have a good time – all we need is each other and some delicious food!  And that is exactly what we had at the 2010 Schwartz Family Reunion!

2010 Schwartz Family Reunion


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