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stranded till morning

August 23, 2010

My journey home from NYC seems to be taking as long as the journey there.  My adventures in the city were thrilling and fun, but this trip wasn’t just about traipsing through New York: it was also about stepping out of my comfort zone and relinquishing control.

Opportunities for applying said resolve were constant.  My schedule was not my own to plan as I was traveling with others and was merely a passenger.  They were very gracious about my needs and concerns, but I didn’t make the final decisions, which is something I’m not used to.  Everything worked out, even without my decision-making skills.  Not only did my trust in the Lord deepen, I also learned to trust those who made decisions regarding the weekend.

And here I am in the most difficult lesson of them all.  I drove with friends to the city.  On Sunday they continued their road trip to visit friends in another part of the state, and I arrived at the airport to fly home.  But I didn’t fly home.  Torrential downpours delayed flights and eventually most were canceled.  The airline was quite gracious about the situation and got me on the first available flight – in the morning.  A hotel was not in my budget, so I am stranded here till morning.  Besides, I’m on a very early flight so there was no point in leaving the airport.

By the time I found a quite corner to sit down, I had been through one flight cancellation, booked on a new flight, which was delayed several times and eventually canceled, and finally got on a morning flight.  I had to drag my luggage from one end of the terminal to the other and back again, not to mention all the waiting in lines.  I collapsed in my little corner exhausted, famished and on the verge of tears.  I wasn’t really upset about the delays, but I had several other things weighing on my heart and I just wanted to mull them over in the comfort of my own home.

I eventually got something to eat, took a nap, and settled myself in for the night.  This was so not what I had planned for my evening, but I had no control over the weather or air traffic.  I had a few moments of panic – I’ve never actually been in this situation before.  Oh, I’ve experienced delays and such when traveling but I’ve never had to camp out at the airport.  Sure it’s uncomfortable and not very fun, but that’s the way life goes sometimes.  Ultimately, God has everything under control.  All I can do is make the best of the present moment, even if that means snuggling up with my luggage on an awkward airport bench when I’d much rather be curled up in my own bed.   At least I’m only stranded till morning!

Update: It is now morning and I am still in an airport, but not the same one as last night!! Hurray!  I am about to board my plane to go home.

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