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cecilia bedelia & the airport slumber party

August 25, 2010

It’s been a few days, and I still haven’t fully recovered from my over-night adventure at La Guardia airport.  But today is nothing compared to Monday!  I could barely move on Monday morning.  My backside and lower back made it very clear they didn’t like that I spent a good part of Sunday evening and night slouched in an airport chair with my legs resting over my carry-on suitcase trying to sleep, using the arm rest as a pillow.  I walked as much as I could but there was only so much of that I could do.

Along with creating interesting sleeping positions while still protecting my luggage, I was also miserably cold.  Half of me was still drenched when I arrived at the airport and I wasn’t able to get dry or warm in the powerful air-conditioning.  I shivered through the night, and the next morning the muscles in my chest cavity started whining at me.  And boy did they screamed in pain every time every time I breathed!

Thankfully my flights were quick ones.  The seats on the plane were more comfortable than the airport, but they weren’t a huge step up.  I realize I can’t really complain about airplane seats because I’m petite and I always have plenty of space.  The one thing I will say is the position of the lumbar support is not conducive to the small statured.  I had a little book that I sat on to raise me up ever-so slightly, but that wasn’t much help nor was it all that comfortable for my already sore backside.  And yet, I was grateful for the little relief it did bring, just as I was grateful for the paper-thin blankets that were handed out at the airport slumber party.  The blanket helped, but it didn’t keep me warm.

Of course, the thought also crossed my mind that I could have been sore from the dance class I went to in NYC on Sunday morning (more on that to come)… or maybe it was a combination of all of the above.  Whatever the cause, the limited seating and lack of warmth certainly didn’t benefit my achy muscles.

I finally made it home in one piece and am slowly recovering.  I don’t bounce back from slumber parties and three hours of sleep the way I did twenty (and even ten) years ago.  Still it could have been worse.  And the rest of my time in New York City was so enjoyable it made up for my somewhat gloomy airport adventure.  Besides my friend, Cristin, reminded me of the great benefit of my surprise adventures: “It’s a good thing you have so many adventures, Cecilia, because then you have something to write about!”  Well said, Cris!

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