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cecilia bedelia vs. new york city

August 27, 2010

Cecilia at Tiffany'sLast Saturday, I sat on the #5 train, armed with my mp3 player, a notebook, pen and my chic Mary Poppins bag.  I was ready to conquer New York City!  There were a couple of train delays due to detours, but I didn’t mind.  I was still scribbling away in my little notebook as the train lurched its way into the station.  I switched to the #7 and a few minutes later was working my way through the underground maze toward the surface, the city streets, and my rendezvous point with one of my New Yorker friends.

There is no question about it: I’m a city girl.  I love the energy and excitement of busy streets; the fast pace and ambient noises.  I was in my element as I fell into step next to Christopher, this time with a latte in hand.  We weaved our way through the crowds, headed toward Central Park.  I was pretty impressed that I was able to keep up with Chris who, though not a native New Yorker, has spent many years working in the city and is used to the local momentum.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day in New York.  The weather was perfect.  Chris and I stumbled upon an amazing band playing in the park.  We settled ourselves on a nearby bench where we enjoyed the music and the outdoors until we were overwhelmed with hunger and were forced to take to the streets in search of food.  Perhaps overwhelmed is too strong a word… I simply mentioned a slight awareness that I could be hungry in the near future… and we didn’t have to search since we already decided on having lunch at The Hummus Place

Christopher admitted he was a little nervous taking me there knowing how particular I can be about hummus: “What if you hate it?  I’ll feel bad and then I might start doubting my own love of their hummus!”  But I didn’t hate it.  Reader, I loved it!  I have to say I think it was the best hummus I’ve ever had.  And now I have to stop writing about it because my mouth is watering…

The rest of my adventures that day took me to through Midtown where I parted ways with Chris who had to work, over to St. Pat’s Cathedral where I met up with my fellow travelers for Mass, and back to the park for dinner at the Boathouse with Amanda, David and Amanda’s Auntie Gena

I don’t know who conquered who.  Did I conquer New York or vice versa?  I have a feeling New York conquered me, since I had an even stronger conviction of my status as a city girl as I stood on the platform waiting for the #5 to whisk me back to the Bronx.

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