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two years and counting…

August 27, 2010

It’s been two whole years since I began sharing my thoughts, adventures, joys and sorrows through my humble blog.  I had always struggled with “putting myself out there” so starting a blog was kind of a big deal for me.  Somehow I found the courage to write about many of the life lessons, amusing escapades, and random musings I’ve encountered on my journey.  Recently I noticed that stepping out of my comfort zone hasn’t been as difficult as it once was thanks to all the practice I get writing blog posts.  Let me rephrase that: I’ve become slightly more accustomed to taking chances.  It’s still difficult but I don’t avoid my comfort zone boundaries the way I have in the past.

I’ve come to enjoy my little soapbox and am grateful for the many readers who have visited my blogging home over the past two years.

Thank you for joining me on my  journey to becoming a woman who laughs at the days to come.  I hope you keep coming back to find out where this journey will take me.

Happy 2nd birthday, little blog!!!


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