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agreeable accusations

September 2, 2010

I called my grandpa earlier in the week and left a message on his machine.  He’s usually really good at calling back so I was a little concerned when a couple of days had passed without a return call.  I tried him again last night and was relieved when he answered his phone.

“Where’ve you been?” I asked.

“Oh, I was downstate.  Had an appointment down there, and I had a lot to catch up on when I got back.”

“Well, that’s a relief!” I exclaimed.  “I thought you had been misbehaving so badly you didn’t want to talk to me and have to ‘fess up!”

Grandpa immediately started to defend himself.  “No! No – that wasn’t it at all!  I’ve been too busy to get into any trouble.  I’ve been so good it hurts!”

“Somehow I doubt that, Grandpa!”  We laughed, and Grandpa took me through his schedule of the past couple of weeks and the ones in the near future with stories and explanations to go with each event.  Near the end of our conversation, he mentioned the Knights of Columbus Chicken Barbeque fundraiser coming up.

“A friend of mine asked me if I was volunteering for it, but I’m not going to,” Grandpa said.  “I’ve worked enough of those, and there are plenty of young guys to work it.  Besides, I’m much better at being lazy than I am at working.”

No sooner than Grandpa finished his statement I replied “Well, that’s the truth!  Oh – I didn’t mean to agree with you so quickly, Grandpa!” I laughed.

“Well you certainly didn’t waste your time!  That was fast.  You just jumped right in on that one, didn’t you?  Feet first, too!  You could have said ‘Oh, Grandpa… I dunno about that… That’s not really true…’  You could’ve waited a second or two before pouncing!  You really didn’t have to agree so quickly!  I’m so abused!” he moaned.  I could just see him putting his hand over his heart, as he is prone to do when one of his granddaughters beats him at his own game.  It’s his way of letting us win the round while still getting the last word.

“But it’s the truth, Grandpa!  I’m not going to lie, especially not on your account.  Besides, aren’t you happy that I agreed with you?”

“Well, you didn’t have to be so quick to say something,” he teased.  “I’m so abused!  I don’t know how I stand for it!”

“I hope you’re prepared for more of this so-called ‘abuse’, cause you’re going to get even more when Rosario, Ang and I are over this weekend.”

“I’m going to have to build a defense of some sort,” he concluded.

We laughed and chatted for a few more minutes, but it took a good half hour before I was finally able to stop laughing at our conversation.  It wasn’t the first time Grandpa accused me of agreeing with him too quickly and it certianly won’t be the last!

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