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a trunk full of soda

October 7, 2010

It dawned on me as I pulled into my parents’ driveway at a ridiculously early hour for a Saturday morning that I  haven’t actually traveled with them in years.  Oh, we’ve gone to the same out-of-town destinations at the same time, but we usually drive separately to accommodate everyone’s various work schedules and other obligations.  I can’t remember being in the same car for more than an hour with both my mom and dad since I got my license.  But not this trip.  Nope, this time we were traveling together.

We were headed to Mundelein Seminary, just north of Chicago, to visit Charles for Family Day – just me, Angelica, Mom and Dad.  The rest of the family had scheduling conflicts and with only four of us heading around the Lake, we decided to take one car.  One car, four passengers, overnight luggage and twelve cases of soda.  Mom surprised me with that last bit when I arrived to pick them up at that ridiculously early hour.

“I wanted to talk you about that,” Mom said when I asked if I could start loading the bags that were in the living room.  “Do we have room for twelve cases of pop?  Charles said they don’t have Faygo or Verners in Illinois.  He asked if I could bring some for the guys.”

“So you bought TWELVE CASES?  They shouldn’t be drinking soda anyway, but wouldn’t one or two cases be enough?  I can’t believe you are asking me to help them indulge in this disgusting habit!”  I haven’t had a sip of soda in years!  I wouldn’t be opposed to a light ginger ale, but the thought of Faygo made my stomach churn.

“Oh, Cecilia!  Leave them alone!  They just want a little taste of home.”

“Ha!  A little taste would be one or two cases, Mom, not twelve!” I teased.

“Charles sent me a list of flavors.  Will your trunk fit the pop?”

I rolled my eyes.  “Mom.  This is me.  Of course I can make everything fit!”  Mom wasn’t really asking if we would have room in the trunk, she was basically telling me to make room.  I expected Mom would want to bring a little something for The Boy, but twelve cases of soda seemed rather excessive.

Good thing for her, one of my favorite things about road trips is packing my trunk.  I have a system, and since I’m very particular about how things go in the trunk I don’t let my passengers just throw their bags in, especially if we have a lot to pack.  I’ve never had to leave a piece of luggage behind because it just didn’t fit, and I wasn’t going to start with the soda.  Even though I won’t drink the stuff myself, it was a trunk-packing challenge and I was going to make it work!

So Mom and I trotted out to transfer the soda from her car to mine.   Dad followed close behind to offer assistance and twelve cases of soda soon lined the bottom of my trunk.  Next came the luggage!  It didn’t take long for me to arrange everything just so.  My overnight bags were already wedged into the corner; all the other bags were placed neatly on top of the soda, with plenty of room to spare!  (I’m just that good!)

It was still ridiculously early for a Saturday morning when we finally pulled out of the driveway, with a trunk full of soda, and began our journey to the seminary’s family day!

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