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a new man in my life

October 13, 2010

My soon-to-be godson, Jamal Raphael (son of my dear friends Amanda & David), made his remarkable entrance into the world on 10/11/10, and I visited the little peanut of a man and his mama in the hospital yesterday.  It was pretty much love at first sight – at least for me.  Jamal wasn’t too sure what to make of me whenever he did open his eyes, but he did seem quite content dozing in my arms as I rocked back and forth on the not-so-comfortable hospital rocking chair.

It was rather appropriate that Jamal received his first catechism lesson in both faith and football during my visit, especially considering I am his fairy godmother (which will be made official at his baptism in a few weeks) and his mother and I share a passion for football (Amanda for the NFL – the Packers to be specific and college football for me – specifically the Bucks and the Irish).  Both his mother and I were careful not to mention our favorite teams’ rivals to protect Jamal’s innocent ears, as he is not yet able to discern good and evil and we didn’t want to confuse the poor guy.  There will be many more lessons to come in those vital subjects.  I have no doubt Jamal will be in expert in both by the time he is three!

Congratulations, Amanda & David on the safe and happy arrival of your son.



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