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the sensual beauty of autumn

October 15, 2010

As much as I love each of the seasons in their unique splendor, autumn seems to set itself apart from the others.  It is full of delight for the senses: touch, taste, sight, smell and sound, which stirs the very depths of my being.

I suddenly found myself surrounded by the glory of autumn as I drove to my ballet class last Saturday and again the next day on my way to the Franciscan Farm for Lifefest, where I indulged in one of my favorite fall treats on Sunday: a classic caramel apple.  There was so much caramelly goodness it created a puddle on the wax paper, which in turn got all over my nose and chin every time I tried to take a bite.  I savored every aspect of my special treat: the familiar aroma, the delicious blend of flavors, even the sticky mess!

I reveled in autumn’s distinct characteristics again on Wednesday when I went for an evening run.  The vibrant colors of the trees glowed in the warm golden light of the sun as it was sinking toward the horizon.  The sidewalk was covered in a carpet of fallen leaves, which was both glorious and treacherous.  I tripped twice because I couldn’t see obstacles in the sidewalk, but I loved hearing the leaves crunch as I ran over them.  The crisp air was incredibly refreshing, and every so often I would catch a whiff of the autumn leaves’ scent.

There are many times in my life when the following quote is relevant, and this happens to be one of them: “Beauty is a key to mystery and a call to transcendence.  It is an invitation to savor life and to dream of the future.”  John Paul II (Letter to Artists).  All around me, the earth is preparing for its winter slumber, its winter death.  Yet, through my senses, I have been invigorated by the beauty of the season, and I feel more alive than ever!  Sigh… is it any wonder why I love this time of year?

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