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laughing with the enemy

November 17, 2010

When I went to Starbucks earlier this week, one of the long-time baristas, Melissa, noticed scarlet and gray splashed across my debit card. 

“Cecilia!  What is that on your card?!  Are you a Buckeye?!”  Her tone was slightly accusing. 

“I am!” I said with great pride.  “Why are you a… you know…?”

“A Michigan fan?” she supplied.  The look on her face clearly indicated that she was indeed a fan of the rival team.  “How on earth did you become a Buckeye?!”

I explained my allegiance to my grandpa and his team.  “I guess that makes sense,” Melissa said.  Dan, the other barista working that morning, was still shuddering by the revelation of my being a Buckeye.  Melissa and I enjoyed some friendly banter about the Big Game this weekend while Dan looked skeptically at us.  We decided that Melissa and I could still be friends, but Dan and I put an end to any semblance of a friendship right then and there.

Dan was working the register this morning when I arrived for my weekly latte.  “Cecilia.” he said stiffly.  “How are you?”

“Dan.  I’m fine, thanks.” I replied with equal stiffness.

“I’m trying to be cordial,” he explained.  “I don’t want you to think that I was being friendly.”

“Oh, I got that!” I quickly replied.  “I was doing the same.  I hope you didn’t mistake my cordiality for friendliness either!”

Dan shook his head and laughed.  “Wow, cordiality.  Pullin’ out the big words, are ya?”

I smiled slyly, paid for my drink and moved to the pick-up counter. Melissa and I chatted while she made my drink.  “I’m so glad you’re making my latte!” I told her.  “I don’t know if I can trust Dan anymore.”

She laughed.  “You’d better check your receipt!  He may have charged you twice!”

“I already checked!  He didn’t, but I wouldn’t put it past him!”  Poor Dan tried to defend himself, but we paid no heed to his mutterings.

My rough morning was in desperate need of a good laugh.  I never expected it would come from laughing with the enemy!  The enemy is not only necessary for a rivalry (how could a rivalry exist without an opposing side?), they are also good for a laugh now and again.  This morning I was reminded that I enjoy laughing with the enemy as much as I secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) enjoy laughing at them.

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