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leaves, laughter and little ones

November 18, 2010

My cousin, Kayte, recruited me and my sisters for childcare duty on Saturday while she facilitated the movers.  We were more than happy to comply!  I had offered to help when I called to congratulate Kayte and her husband on the purchase of their new home.  “With these derringers, I could pick up a b…book… or a pillow or something.  Just let me know what you need!”  Obviously Kate kept that in mind and realized I could best help by picking up kiddos all day.

Rosario, Angelica and I had so much fun with our little cousins once-removed.  Rosario and Ang took turns with Jacob, who is six weeks old, and I entertained Olivia (3.5) and Josh (2).  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent hours in their new backyard playing in the leaves.  At first Olivia and I gathered the leaves by hand to throw them in the air, but when I found a rake we focused on building massive pile of leaves to jump in.

Olivia and Josh would sit in the pile while I raked around them.  I would toss the leaves in the air, creating a shower of color.  They laughed every single time, and not just cute giggles – theirs were deep belly laughs of wide-eyed wonder and excitement.  They did the same thing whenever we sat in the middle of the pile, gathered our arms full of leaves, counted to three and threw the leaves in the air.  Olivia laughed every time she buried me under the leaves, and Josh grinned every time he dug me out.  Joshy was also very helpful whenever there were leaves stuck in my hair.  He would come over and reach up to make it “all better”.

Kayte came back to feed Jacob and when the kids realized she was at the house, they moved their activities to the window.  Joshy kept waving and climbing everything trying to get in the window, while Olivia kept grabbing arm-loads of leaves, running to the window and throwing them  in the air for her mom.  It was so precious!  I ended up moving the entire leaf pile closer to the window so Olivia wouldn’t have to run as far.

I had a blast, but I was grateful when Grammy arrived for quite time.  I “rested” by helping Kayte, Rosario and Ang unpack and organize the kitchen.  Then it was time for dinner, bed and a second U-haul to unload.  (See – I did put my derringers to use!)

I sure was sore the next day!  Those kids kept me moving, but I seriously had the best job of the day, as did Rosario & Angelica.  I wish I could be on childcare duty every time someone moves.  I enjoyed picking up those kiddos much more than any box I ever moved.

"ooonnneee, ttttwwwooo, THHHHRRRRREEEEE!"

"Mom, look what I brought you!"

Doing what babies do best: being cute

Side note: Today is my Baptismal Day.  Be sure to read some of my reflections from years past: Oh Happy Day and A Cause for Celebration.


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