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a dreamer’s dream

December 9, 2010

I’ve always been a dreamer.  I spent half of my youth with one foot in reality and the other in a fantastical world of my own making.  My graduating class even voted me class dreamer and rightly so.  I was full of lofty ideals, hopes and dreams for the future back then.

Over time, the light of those dreams dimmed and faded into the darkness of reality.  Perhaps it was fear of failure that snuffed them out, or even the fear of success but mostly I think it was embarrassment.  I thought myself capable of great things but was too embarrassed to honestly share with anyone.  So I had no one to help me tame my wild ambitions into something practical and achievable.  Some of my dreams were rather ridiculous and I am glad they never came to fruition, but others actually had potential.

I had long given up hope of ever accomplishing my most treasured ideals after I left them to smolder deep in the recesses of my soul.  But my ever-faithful heavenly Father never gave up on me or my little dreams.  While I was mourning their loss and trying to forget about them, God continued to nurture them.  It took a while, but I finally noticed the faint flicker of hope and became re-acquainted with those desires I had set aside.  They were not as outlandish as I remembered them to be.  They had matured into a tangible reality; a reality that is still within my grasp.

Classic dreamers aren’t known for taking action, but that’s not going to stop me – not this time.  I am taking one small step at a time, with the encouragement and assistance of my closest friends.  It won’t be long now before this dreamer will be living her dream!


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