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hear ye! hear ye!

February 11, 2011

Let it be know that yesterday was Coronation Day!!!  The early morning hours saw the coronation of Princess Maria, followed closely by Princess Ceci.  The princesses will jointly rule their kingdom known as Mastriano-land and have ensured their subjects that theirs will be a reign of peace.  Princesses Maria and Ceci have promised to care for the people of Mastriano-land by providing them with ba-bas (aka bottles), shelter in the pop-up tent, dance lessons and ice pops.

The princesses were quite busy on coronation day.  Maria and Ceci dined with their subjects, giving them aforementioned ba-bas.  They sang and danced whenever an opportunity presented itself, and they clapped and cheered for every puzzle piece that was put into its proper place on the board.  The princesses napped around mid-day to refresh themselves for the rest of the day’s festivities, which were quite similar to the events before nap time.

Over all, Coronation Day was filled with lots of laughter and only a few tears.  It is predicted that the reign of Princess Maria and Princess Ceci will be one of great joy and amusement for all who live in Mastriano-land.

Hail to the King!  Hail to the Queen!  Hail to the Princess Maria!  (and Ceci!)

This was inspired by events that took place on Thursday when I was looking after my friends’ one-and-a-half year old daughter.

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