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mealtime music

March 8, 2011

I’ve been able to help out my friends, Kateri and Mike, during my time of unemployment by watching their one and a half year old daughter, Maria, one or two days a week.  Spending time with Maria is the highlight of my week, aside from dance rehearsal, although Maria and I dance a lot when we are together.  All my cares and worries are cast aside whenever I’m around the ever-laughing little sweetheart who loves her “Aunt Ceci”.

I often find myself singing to Maria to get her interested in and excited about her food, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or just a snack.  Most of the songs are from old Shirley Temple movies I watched as a kid:

On The Good Ship Lollipop

or Animal Crackers In My Soup

Growing up, we were not allowed to sing at the table.  I think we used it as an excuse to put off eating those awful mixed vegetables that Mom served all the time even though most of us couldn’t stand lima beans.  Dad quickly put an end to musical distractions by implementing a new rule – No singing at the table.  But I couldn’t help thinking today how much I’d enjoy being serenaded as I ate.  I don’t think I would be too distracted to finish eating.  I don’t need excuses to put off eating vegetables – I love veggies!  (It helps that I never serve myself lima beans.)  Of course, my music selection would vary slightly from Maria’s.  I’d be content with a little Fonseca:

or even some Vittorio:

And I’d love a little Dino:

But I would seriously be distracted from my supper and possibly end up swooning if the leading man in this video ever sang to me:

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