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springing forward

March 17, 2011

I started emerging from hibernation a few weeks ago, but I hit snooze a few times before I finally I woke up, rubbed the winter bleakness from my eyes and breathed deeply the freshness of spring.  Just in time for Spring Forward.  I usually loathe Spring Forward.  It always takes forever to make up for the lost hour of sleep and settle into a new routine.  So last weekend, I braced myself for a painful week of Spring Forward Exhaustion (SFE).  And when my friend Chris predicted on Sunday morning that this was going to be a good week, I was skeptical – hopeful but skeptical.

Well, reader, it has been a good week.  The promise of spring helped me plunge through the depths of winter, and spring is beginning to manifest itself in the form of friendships, opportunities and countless little blessings.  I feel alive again now that I’m fully awake after a restful winter slumber; I feel like myself again.  (Although I have to admit, the caffeine of springtime beauty is making me a little giddy.)  Oh, I still have struggles and concerns and I’ve been suffering from slight SFE, but I am basking in the joy of promises fulfilled.

I’m glad Chris was right in his prediction and it turned out to be a good week.  I actually enjoyed springing forward this year!  And there are still a couple of days left: What joys does your springtime glory hold for me, o delightful morning of tomorrow?

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