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sunday morning artistic excursions

April 3, 2011

Early last week DMac, a contributor of Creative Minority Report, announced a Lenten series chronicling a set of Stations of the Cross that was recently unveiled at the Church of Christ the King in New Vernon, New Jersey.  The paintings, by artist Leonard Porter, are layered with beauty and meaning, individually and collectively.  (Explanations of Stations One and Two have already been posted.)

I had a great desire to see these Stations in person when I first read about them.  I am not an art expert by any means but I have a deep appreciation for artistic beauty.  Besides, how could I pass on an opportunity to see such amazing paintings with my own eyes when they are in-state?  As it turns out, the church is less than ten miles from where I live, and this morning I headed over for Sunday mass.  After Mass, I waited patiently until the church was nearly empty before walking the via dolorosa.

I was familiar with the first two stations, having read and re-read DMac’s commentary, but I was unprepared for how breathtaking they truly are.  The following twelve stations were just as – if not more – beautiful.  I have seen countless renderings of the Stations of the Cross, yet the artist managed to surprise me with his insightful depictions.

I would encourage any readers who live near me to see them for yourself.  Even if you are unable to view the paintings in person, you can still follow the series on CMR.  It is a great way to prepare for the Triduum.


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