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an old man’s workout

April 4, 2011

I was able to video chat with my grandpa yesterday afternoon!  My mom, dad, Rosario and Angelica went up to celebrate his birthday, and we all toasted Grandpa’s many, many, many, many, many many, many, many, many years of life with wine from his personal cellar.  (He gave me a bottle before I left MI and I saved it for a special occasion.)

Grandpa and I love teasing each other.  Well, Grandpa likes teasing everyone, but he takes special joy in bantering with his granddaughters.  We were both at the top of our game today, but I won the day with the following exchange:

Grandpa: Oh, I don’t lie.  Well, I- I almost told a lie… once.

Me: Oh Grandpa!  You may have almost told a lie once, but you successfully tell hundreds, if not thousands, of lies every day!

He conceded after a while.  It a few minutes because he was laughing so hard.

Sometimes I forget just how extraordinary my grandfather is.  The man is amazingly independent: lives on his own, drives, mows the grass/plows the snow, makes wine, takes care of his neighbors and friends, volunteers with Hospice, plays golf in the summer and works out in the winter, etc.  All at the young age of 91.  91!  He told me that he spent five dollars on prescriptions in 2008 and zero dollars in 2009 and 2010.  Remarkable, isn’t he?

Well in honor of Grandpa’s birthday, allow me to entertain you (or shame you, which ever the case may be) with the details of my 91-year-old grandfather’s workout routine.  He goes to the gym three times a week during winter so he’s in good condition when golf season arrives, and his workout lasts about an hour fifteen to an hour twenty.

Leg Press (110 lbs) – 30 reps

Leg Lift (50 lbs) – 30 reps

Back Press (110 lbs) – 30 reps

Ab Press (60 lbs) – 30 reps

Bar bells (15 lbs) – 30 wrist twirls

Rope Pull Down (45 lbs) – 45-50 reps

Cross Pull – 120 pulls

Treadmill – 10 min

Cross Trainer – 10 min

Cool Down Stretches – time varies

*whistles* Pretty impressive for an old guy, would you say Reader?  Feeling a little sheepish?  Don’t feel bad – I don’t think I could keep up with him either!  That’s my Grandpa for ya!  And I hope that’s what I have to look forward to in my old age.

Happy Birthday, ya ol’ turkey!

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