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more drinking confessions

April 6, 2011

We Love Camelback

I’ve already confessed my heavy drinking habits, but there is more: I’ve become particular about the drinking vessels I use.  This may not seem like a big deal; it is more pathetic than anything.  In my last post, I said that I considered myself grown-up.  Well the truth is I’m grown-up in all but one area: drinking.  I require bottles and sippy cups to get through my day. 

I typically get my water via a Camelback or a disposable plastic bottle.  Tea or coffee is usually consumed through a travel coffee mug or a lidded Starbucks cup.  Did you notice the photos from the other blog post?  Not one glass (aside from the wine glass).  Just bottles and sippy cups.  Talk about reverting to childhood!  It’s bad, reader.  Really bad.  I’m so used to using non-spill containers that I have to pause before using a regular glass or mug to remind myself how they work or else I’m liable to spill all over myself.  Seriously.  It’s actually happened. I was drinking from a glass and forgot that it needs to be returned to an upright position or else dribbling occurs.  And… well… I dribbled on myself like a toddler.  Oh the shame!  I think this is worse than my original drinking confession. 

But what’s one to do?  Bottles and sippy cups are so convenient.  I guess I’ll have to make more of an effort at home to drink out of actual glasses.  It’s a good thing I have pretty snazzy water glasses at home so I’ll enjoy some aspect of teaching myself how to drink again.

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  1. Felipa Schwartz permalink
    April 9, 2011 6:41 pm

    Maybe you should try to use an adult Bib when you use your regular glasses?? LOL!! Just saying??

  2. April 9, 2011 11:13 pm

    Hahaha! Real funny, Mom. But not a bad idea… maybe I’ll wear one of my really fabulous aprons…

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