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commuter’s triathlon

May 5, 2011

Commuting was the main thing everyone warned me about when I first got a job in New York.  I was a bit concerned too, but for someone who went from a seven minute commute to an hour-fifteen commute, I think I’ve adjusted remarkably well. 

My commute is broken up into three parts, which is why I call it a triathlon.  It consists of driving, riding and walking, and the variety of activity makes the daily race to and from work seem shorter than it really is.   To some this might not constitute as a true triathlon since it doesn’t seem to require much skill, but let me assure you – it does!

Technique and determination with a good dose of savvy are required when maneuvering through traffic, both driving and walking.  And a certain level of athleticism is at times necessary to keep oneself firmly in one’s seat while on the bus.  Mine is a commuter’s triathlon, but a triathlon nonetheless.  Which makes me a daily triathlete.  Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree Reader?  And since it is so impressive, crossing the finish line every day is worthy of celebration!

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