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note to self

May 6, 2011

Dear Self,

Do not under any circumstances ever again drink a Venti latte from Starbucks on an empty stomach!  I’m not saying we are not allowed to have a latte or even a venti; we can drink as may as the family purse allows – just not on an empty stomach.  We’ve been through this before, so one would think we wouldn’t need a reminder.  But here we are… again. 

We’re exhausted.  We have a free drink – any size – from Starbucks thanks to our Gold Card and fifteen previous drinks.  We splurge on a Venti latte for the extra caffeine and proceed to drink said latte as though we’re trying to beat a world record.  Cecilia, the Venti cup is half our size!  For crying out loud, woman!  Our body just can’t process that much straight caffeine, as proved by our current jumpy, jittery, twitchy state. 

Sigh… Self, even though our memory tends to fail us when we are tired, please try, tryTRY to remember that ingesting caffeine is not a race with our drooping eyelids.  Plus sipping the caffeine makes it last longer than chugging it.  Perhaps next time we can attempt to savor the deliciousness of our vanilla soy latte while snacking on a little somthin’-somthin’.

Now, go eat a granola bar and try to compose our over-caffeinated little self.

With faith, hope and all my love,


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  1. May 23, 2011 6:26 pm

    My first proposal to my wife occurred when I was over-caffeinated and making a joke. It did not go over well. Thankfully (and obviously) she forgave me.

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