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cecilia bedelia vs. zelda

May 20, 2011

Zelda, my little Ford Focus ZX5, was giving off a high-pitched squeak for a couple of days, but I kept forgetting to call my dad or brother for a quick analysis.  They usually brush off my paranoia anyway.  Little did I know they wouldn’t have brushed this off!

I was almost to my exit when I noticed that the battery warning light was bright red.  “Oooo, that can’t be good,” I thought.  I was able to pay attention to the road, but I was incredibly disturbed and distracted by the little light on my dashboard.  I made it to my destination and when I got to work, I started texting my brother for a diagnosis.

Me: The battery light in my car is on. How bad is that?

Charles: Are you driving?

Me: It happened on my way into work but I’m not driving now.

Charles: Does everything else feel normal? Steering? Breaking?

Me: The window was a bit slow when I rolled it up, but other than that it seemed fine.

Charles: Ok. You will probably/might need a jump-start after work.  Could be a belt, the alternator, or the battery itself.  Or nothing could be wrong with it.

He went on to ask a few more questions which I answered as best I could.  Finally he gave up on texting and sent me an email with his recommendation, which included a very sound warning that I should not drive Zelda at all else I could find myself stranded on the side of the road with an overheated vehicle.  That of course was not what I wanted to hear.  Car issues and I are not a good mix.  Even the stress of minor car problems can reduce me to tears, so you can imagine what happened when I found out I might not be able to start the car, much less drive it!

The rest of the day was spent trying to figure out where to take the car, how to get it there, how to get home, how to get to work the next morning, etc.  Charles tried to cheer me up:

Charles: If worst comes to worst, you do a really good damsel in distress act.

Me: But it’s not an act!  And I HATE being a damsel in distress!  Leaves me way too vulnerable for my taste.

Charles: I know, but you’d get mad if I described you as helpless, hopeless, unemployed in Greenland.

Only a brother can make you laugh and want to strangle him at the same time!

It took a lot of tears, but I finally worked out the details with the help of friends and co-workers.  One of my co-workers walked by my desk at a rather frustrating moment and asked me what was wrong.  I tried to explain briefly and calmly, but that blasted emotion got the better of me.  Later, he told me that it broke his heart when I was telling him my saga.  “When those huge eyes of yours filled with tears it was seriously heartbreaking!”  I guess Charles was right; I am a pretty good damsel in distress.

Zelda had to spend the night at the auto shop, so I didn’t get the official diagnosis until today.  I hoped for the best and prepared for the worst.  My preparation consisted of wearing a fabulous outfit today.  If I’m going to be a damsel in distress, I might as well look great doing it.  Besides, any bad news never sounds as bad when wearing a fashionable ensemble.

It’s a good thing I was prepared, because that ol’ Zelda had to go and require the most expensive part.  (And no the mechanic is not pulling a fast one on me.  He comes with a stellar recommendation from a co-worker.)

Cecilia Bedelia: 0

Zelda ZX5: 1 (and then some)

At least she’s getting fixed and I won’t have to worry about being a damsel in distress for a while.

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