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running feats

May 20, 2011

Last week as I took the stage in NYC, my mom and Rosario took their place among the many participants of the annual River Bank Run.  Some of you may recall that last year my mother ran the 25k for the first time.  She now has her second one under her belt, running it as a warm-up for the marathon she’s going to run in a couple of weeks.  She took sixteen whole minutes off of last years time and made it to the finish line just under three hours!  That is beyond amazing!!!  Way to go MOM!!

Rosario ran the 5k – her first race since being sidelined by a bullet nearly two years ago.  I still remember the first time I saw her walk after being released from the hospital, so frail and weak, and here she is running a 5k!!!!  She used a common training technique of alternating between running and walking, so she didn’t run the entire thing, but it is still a HUGE triumph! 

I am so proud of both Mom and Rosario!  I am also proud of those who went to spectate: Dad, Ang, Cecilia2, Curt, Lucia, Karen (Did I miss anyone?  Did Aunt Sylvia make it this year?).  From what I understand it was not ideal weather (as in pouring rain!).  Thanks for going to cheer on the runners! 

And congratulations to two of the most inspirational women in my life!  Even though I couldn’t be there, I was glad we were all able to share such a successful day.

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