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foggy cinematic potential

May 21, 2011

I hurried up 9th Avenue the other night on my way to ballet class.  Most people were dragging their feet through the heavy fog, but I was inspired by the mysterious, romantic mist.  It had a cinematic quality to it, and it occurred to me that my life would be great material for the next endearing chick flick.

Against the amazing backdrop of New York City, you have the main character – a bright-eyed, fresh-faced recent transplant – working in an office by day so she can dance her heart out at night.  She is young (or not so young), energetic and focused.  That night would have been a classic scene somewhere between opening credits and the meet-cute to provide a snippet of the main character’s daily life (like the scene from While You Were Sleeping when Sandra Bullock hauls her Christmas tree through her apartment window. “I should’ve gotten a blue spruce!  They’re lighter!”).

And then what would happen, I wondered to myself.  Probably scenes of going to and from work… getting together with friends… enjoying life and the wonders of the city… and then the meet-cute.  Hmm… When would that take place?  In the next few scenes?  What if the main character missed it?  The real life version tends to be oblivious to that sort of thing…  Wait.  What if it already happened and she did miss it?  I recalled a few situations which friends later informed me, upon hearing the details of said situations, were missed meet-cute opportunities.  Sigh.  Completely oblivious.  So much for a romantic comedy; the movie based on my life was turning out to be a comedy of errors.

I  moved on from that idea rather quickly.  The story line needed way too much work, not to mention the major flaws of the main character.  Thankfully, that didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the fog with its mysteriousness and wondering of what romantical beauty lingered just beyond the haze.  Hmmm… there may be hope for my life-as-a-movie after all…

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