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my coach says…

June 1, 2011

During his homily on Sunday morning, the priest explained the word ‘Paraclete’, since it is not one we use in every day conversation.  He mentioned other words often used to describe the Holy Spirit as Paraclete: comforter, counselor, intercessor, etc.  The word Paraclete, Father said, comes from a Greek word which means ‘to stand by one’s client’, but even that was not an accurate description or one many of us can relate to.  The best modern word he has found to depict the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives is coach.

The first thing that popped into my head when Father said this was last season’s Adidas commercial for the miCoach app: My coach says, gotta run faster.  My coach says somethin-somethin-somethin.  My coach says… etc. It took everything in me to hold back my laughter.  That was Rosario’s favorite commercial during football season, and every time it came on she tried to get me and Ang to say the ‘My coach says’ part with her. 

I did my best to concentrate as the priest continued his homily.  I had never thought of the Holy Spirit in that aspect, but I saw the parallel.  All athletes need a coach.  Even the best sports players have coaches who give them advice and guide them.  A coach helps the athlete to become the best and to continue growing in their field.  The greatest coaches help athletes overcome mistakes and bad habits, and they are there to inspire and encourage during the most exhausting training sessions or when all hope of victory seems lost.  Athletes can’t make it alone, no matter how talented they are.  In the same way we need the Holy Spirit and God’s grace no matter how holy we think we are.

I still couldn’t get that Adidas commercial chant out of my head after the homily was over, so I made up my own Catholic version:  My coach says gotta head to adoration.  My coach says go for the Hail Mary.  My coach says self-control.  My coach says discipline.  My coach says Euch-a-rist.  Let’s just say I struggled a bit with the self-control thing during the rest of Mass because I was cracking myself up every time I thought of another one.  I have a feeling my new Coach is going to make that one a priority…

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  1. Rosario Rodriguez permalink
    June 1, 2011 3:32 pm

    Love it! “My coach says ….!”
    Thanks for sharing the insights of the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives!

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