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delayed greetings

June 9, 2011

My first stop on the Cecilia Bedelia Goes Home tour was my cousin’s house on the east side of the state.  It was dinnertime when I arrived.  I had only made two stops on the ten and a half hour drive.  Needless to say I was dying for a bathroom, but I went into the kitchen first to say my hellos.  Actually I was led there by my cousin’s daughter who could hardly contain her excitement over my arrival.  Olivia ran to give me a huge hug and then ran back to the table to announce the news: “Momma!  Momma!  Look who’s here!” 

I walked in and was greeted with hugs and exclamations from my cousin Kayte and Aunt Ann, who happened to be visiting her daughter and grandkids.  I walked around the table to kiss little Jakey in his high-chair, while Josh looked at me skeptically. 

“Joshy, say hi to your cousin Ce*!”  Kayte instructed the sometimes shy two-and-a-half year old. 

Josh looked at his momma.  He immediately shoved a piece of potato in his mouth and exclaimed in desperation, “Muh mouf i fuh!”  Translation: My mouth is full!  Further translation: Excuse me, mother.  How on earth do you expect me to say hello when there is food in my mouth?

Kayte and I turned away from the table, both of us shaking with laughter.  Kate composed herself first and said calmly, “Well finish what’s in your mouth and then say hi.”

Anyone else might have been offended, but not me – I loved it!!!  I am rather shy myself, though I hide it very well, and I was impressed with Joshy’s quick and clever thinking!  He did eventually say hi; it just took him a bit to warm up to me.  I totally understood that and waited patiently.  And by waiting patiently, I mean running to the nearest bathroom. 

And that was only the beginning of my visit with my cousin and her family!  The amusement, laughter and hilarity continued until I pulled out of the driveway.  We had such a great time together!  It was a great way to kick-off my whirlwind tour of home!

First Cousins

First Cousins-Once Removed

*Note: Don’t get any ideas folks – Ce is a family only nickname, and even then it is limited to a few family members.  I’m not partial to it at all.  I only put up with it because they are family.  They have the ability to make the usually detestable nickname somewhat endearing, but only because they are related to me.  No relation, no bueno!

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  1. June 9, 2011 4:00 pm

    Kate is also a family only nickname! I had such a great time visiting with you!!! Love you Cuz!!!

    • June 9, 2011 4:18 pm

      I know and I was going to mention that, but then forgot. Gotta love family only names. :) Love you, too!

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