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did you hear? women wept.

June 10, 2011

Deacon Darrel, Seminarian Scott and the Weeping Women

After the ordination mass last weekend, Rosario and I mingled with the seminarians as we waited to greet the new deacon.  When we  finally caught up with Deacon Darrel, Rosario and I gave him huge congratulatory hugs and expressed our utmost excitement. 

“Seeing you up there on the altar was incredible.  I was moved to tears, Darrel.  Seriously.  I was so happy for you that I cried!”

“Really?!” Deacon Darrel said, somewhat surprised.  I thought he was going to tease me about my ultra-feminine expression of happiness the way my brother often does, but he didn’t.  Instead he asked where Charles was.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said.   “I saw him for a second and then he disappeared as usual.”

Deacon Darrel scanned the crowd milling about the sun-soaked plaza in front of the cathedral steps.  “There he is!  I gotta tell your brother.  You don’t mind if I play a little joke on him, do you?”

“Ha!  Be my guest!”  I followed Deacon Darrel as he made his way over to Charles.

Darrel sidled up to Charles and nodded his head nonchalantly.  “So, Chuck.  Did you hear?  When I was ordained, the women cried.”

“They what?!” Charles cried, indignantly. “Are you serious?”

“That’s what I’ve been told,” Darrel said, his eyes twinkling with glee. 

“That’s hilarious!”  Charles laughed.  I know my brother has a loud laugh, but it is rather jarring when you haven’t heard it in a while.   A few of the other seminarians were listening in and started commenting to each other: “Wait, is he talking about Chuck’s sister? That’s kinda weird.”  “She doesn’t count!”  “Um… does he realize that she was probably crying over the beauty of the liturgy and not the fact that he’s off the market?”

I looked at the guys.  Darrel knew why I cried.  I knew that he knew, and he knew that I knew that he knew, but I loved his joke!   “Hey, this is your story, Darrel.  I’m a woman, and I cried at your ordination.  You can let people interpret that however they want!” 

So that’s the story.

Women wept when Deacon Darrel was ordained!

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  1. Cristin Luea permalink
    June 13, 2011 1:05 pm


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